Enough Already!!!

Enough already!!! I'm so sick and tired of hearing about the Trumps and the Russians colluding!!! I don't want to hear about it anymore!!! Most Americans don't either!!! 

I want to hear about America!!! How to improve our health care system! Improve our aging Infrastructure! Help and improve lives in the Inner cities, in the Native American Reservations, and in the Appalachian regions! Improve our Education system! Cure addictions! How to tackle and abolish poverty, hunger, and homelessness! Improve Veterans' health! Improve our legal immigration system, so that illegal immigration will be diminished! Create more high-paying Jobs! Improve race relations! Help for the mentally ill! And many more important issues to talk about other than the Trumps and the Russians!!! 

My fervent wish is for all elected government officials to work together for what's in the best interest of this country and its citizens!!!

Thank you for letting me vent.