Journey Band

Journey is one of my favorite rock bands. However, I haven't kept up with the band since we moved to Wyoming. Wyoming turned me into a country music fan! Needless to say, the last I’ve heard of Journey was that Steve Perry, the lead singer, had left the band. Then, the band hired another lead singer named Steve Augeri.

It was only three weeks ago that I learned of the band’s fate when Cheyenne Frontier Days, the largest outdoor rodeo event in the world (and located here, in Cheyenne, Wyoming), announced that one of the upcoming night shows will be Journey. I told my husband that I’d like to see a Journey concert. I was shocked to learn from him that the current lead singer for Journey is Filipino, straight from the Philippines. Perhaps, this is old news to all of you, but for me, it was quite a surprise!

Anyway, the skeptic in me told me to check Journey and their new front man out on YouTube. I have to say, the lead vocalist amazed me. When I closed my eyes and listened, all I could see was Steve Perry singing. My heart melted when I watched the video of one of the band’s newer songs, After All These Years. The song is so beautiful and powerful; it gave me goose bumps the first few times I listened to it.

While reading an article on YouTube about the band, I found out that there was another front man for Journey after Steve Augeri left and before the current lead singer came along. His name is Jeff Sotto. According to the article, he didn’t stay with the band for very long.

Neal Schon, the band's lead guitarist, recruited Arnel Pineda, the current lead singer, based on performances he saw on YouTtube! How cool is that? Neal said in an interview that in his desperation to find a lead singer for Journey, he checked out YouTube. After two days of watching YouTtube videos, he was about to give up when he clicked on a Survivor video. That was when he discovered Arnel Pineda. This guy blew him away. He blew me away, too. Here he is. Check him out for yourselves.

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  1. Hello Tasha,

    I read what you have posted on FB and it has prompted me to read more of the band. I was also amazed at the story and how they found Arnel. I also learned it only now, like you. Where were we? lol..and I listened all day long to the their songs. Arnel is an amazing singer and his story of finally becoming the soloist of the band he admired so much is so heart-warming. I wish I could watch some of their concerts too. Are you allowed to tape it? Kindly share it with us afterwards. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful band. Take care.

  2. Hi Jena,
    Yeah, huh? I thought for sure that every Pinoy and Pinay in the Philippines have heard of our kapwa Filipino Arnel being a lead singer of a mega American band! I guess I'm wrong. Tehehe. At least, now I don't feel too bad not knowing about it either.

    We're not allowed to bring video cameras. So, I'll ask my daughter to record the concert with her new android cell phone. If the video quality is good, then, yes, I'll be able to share it on FB.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting, Jena.

  3. Thanks, Spiky, for visiting and commenting.

  4. Hi Tasha, just back to blogging and been away from it for 6 months or so. I often think about how you are going and how your family is. I imagine you are still very busy with the little ones. Happy holidays.

  5. My, oh, my Lilly! So good to see you here again. Sorry, it's only now that I've seen this. I check my blog just every now and then nowadays. I haven't been checking my gmail now either since I haven't been actively blogging. And when I do, they're mostly junk stuff. Good ones are usually buried amongst the junk. Easy to miss.

    The grandkids are growing well. They're now 5, 3, and 2. They're driving us sooner to our graves, I'm afraid. LOL. However, if they all grow into good model and productive citizens, all of our hard work and sacrifices are all worth it.

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  7. Thanks, Vaiybora, for visiting my blog and for commenting. I'm glad you like it..